| European Parliament election watch on Race Equality

The UK will elect 73 MEPs to the European Parliament on 22 May 2014. It is vital that registered voters from all race, nationality, ethnicity, religious and faithgroups cast their vote.

You need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections and referendums. You can easily register to vote on this website: https://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/register_to_vote/electoral_registration_applica.aspx.

You can register to vote if you are:

     16 years old or over, and

     a British citizen, or

     an EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen. Qualifying citizens are those who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not require such leave.

A list of candidates from each political party that are standing for election to the European Parliament is on this website: http://www.europarl.org.uk/en/your_meps/european_elections/candidates2014.html